Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tepig vs. Touko Animated

Hey guys,
here is something special for ya :) 
(Please be patient it's about 3,5mb large :O )

My Tepig vs. Touko picture animated by Corrado's Gifs. 
He did an awesome job with it, I really love the animation, hope you like it as well.
Visit his BLOG if you want to see more pretty sweet animations! :) There is also a animated version WITH sound, check it out :)


Btw, Blogspot seems to have some trouble atm, I lost some comments and A LOT of your votes on my polls, that really sucks balls! :(


  1. Wow so awesome! You r picture by itself was amazing, but the animation makes it look so cool!
    Great job man! And I'm really like the works in progress you have up :).

  2. very awesome. The pic was great and the animation made it even better.

  3. Did you do any touch up work on the banner? The colors look different.

    P.S. E-mail me if you ahve any spare time for that comission I talked about. :)

  4. That animation is so sexy my jaw fell off

  5. Could you do one of her masturbating or just jiggling around?