Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Poll !

Hey folks!

Started a new poll today, multiple answers possible ;)

Don´t forget to vote in the second poll if it should be futa or not ! :D

Choose wisely my friends! ;D



  1. I vote Pokemon because the world needs more Nurse Joy porn, and Naruto because let's face it Tsunade's got awesome tits.

  2. It's always interesting to see what visitors want to see. The Art of BDG has a pair of polls running until the end f the month as well and the results are quite fascinating.

    Nice work, btw.

  3. Hey, don't wanna frighten anyone, but if you don't vote for the smurfs, your dicks will fall of.


  4. Elena from street fighter would be lovely, especially, if she was lactating, as i've yet to find any art that depicts Elena lactating.

  5. Would like to see Android 18 sometime...
    Also what happened to all the comments?

  6. @ Ano
    I also like Android 18, maybe I will draw her someday :)
    Seems that Blogspot had some issues the last days, that´s why the comments dissappeared :O
    hope they´ll be recovered soon :)

  7. Yeah, the posts of the last 24h or something were temporarily gone. And apparently the comments posted before are lost... not that mine was so very important.