Thursday, December 16, 2010

Draenei x Worgen


Time for an update! :D
I'm a bit busy, can't take commissions or requests atm ;(
Thank you all for the comments and mails and stuff, you are really great, I 'll answer asap.

Hope you like the pics :) More will follow the next days!


  1. Gret to see you again. Hope you can take comissions soon.

  2. That's probably my favorite "set" that I've seen from you, not that I don't like many of the others! There's just something about lactation that sets me off.

  3. I love how this looks! :) The way you draw both the female Draenei and the Worgen is breattaking! :)

    Tell me, would you consider drawing a male Worgen having his way with this fair Draenei lady? :) Or perhaps a male Worgen having his way with a race of the other faction, like a female Blood elf? :)

  4. I say a male worgen having his way with another race and 'infecting' them myself!

  5. I like how hardcore this is. Keep up the good work.

  6. I do believe you drawn quite possibly the hottest Worgen even and I'd kill to see you draw more of her or any other Worgen. Some males would be great too.

  7. Absolutely breath taking! I love the lactation, and that you give us a glimpse of the ejaculation dick inside!